• HR Solutions to Maximise Business Performance

Liberty HR can help your business maximise performance through the efforts of your people. This is achieved by ensuring you have best practice HR policies and procedures in place, that you comply with relevant industrial legislation, and you spend time and effort on developing a great workplace culture.

Services we offer include:

Providing Generalist HR Support and Advice

There are many ways Liberty HR can help your business by providing generalist HR support and advice. No matter how big or small your business, or how simple or complex an issue might be, we are confident we can help.

Some of the services you may choose to engage Liberty HR for include:

  • Developing HR policies, procedures, guidelines and templates
  • Running information sessions for staff on important issues such as Workplace Bullying and Harassment awareness
  • Helping with end-to-end recruitment and selection processes
  • Restructuring your workplace
  • Coaching your managers in staff related matters
  • Developing position descriptions
  • Backfilling for HR staff during periods of leave
  • Providing career coaching to staff
  • Guiding you through a performance management process
  • Developing business cases or other formal documentation for people related matters
  • Advising on rehabilitation, return to work and wellness issues
  • Helping with leadership development – including using psychometric testing.

Conducting an HR Audit

An HR Audit involves reviewing all people related practices, policies and procedures to identify any risks, gaps or opportunities in terms of how these meet best practice and legislative requirements. A report will be prepared identifying recommendations based on the findings of the audit.

Developing HR Policies and Procedures

Having appropriate policies and procedures in place helps to ensure employees understand their responsibilities when at work, particularly in terms of what is considered acceptable behaviour in the workplace. This keeps employees safe and helps ensure employers are compliant with relevant industrial legislation covering workplace behaviour.

Policies and procedures also provide context underpinning many workplace practices that impact people, such as recruitment and selection, and set out clearly the processes involved. This helps ensure people know their responsibilities and how to go about implementing various people processes.

Providing Change Management Support

The biggest challenge to workplace change is getting people to come along the journey in a positive and constructive manner. Liberty HR can help you prepare for workplace change by working with you to develop a change strategy and implementation plan that addresses issues such as change readiness, change resistance, how to communicate change effectively, etc.

How do you engage our services?

  • Fixed price for project work
  • Hourly rate for ad hoc HR support and advice
  • Daily rate for short term engagements
  • Daily rate for ongoing part-time HR support in your business premises